[Light] Re-reading progress

I started my work on Light! Don’t know how it looks from your side, but I’m so excited. I’ve been neglecting Light for quite some time now (more than an year maybe?) and I’m glad to be back in this world. I know it is not as amazing as the ones created by George R.R. Martin or J.K. Rowling, but is mine and I feel a deep connection to it.


  • Total number of chapters: 61
  • Revised chapters: 32
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Pen and Paper or Computer?

I own a computer, and still I’m an old school writer. I love writing on paper with a pen, I love being able to make mistakes that cannot be easily deleted. There is a warmth feeling that I have every time I’m writing on a piece of paper, that I don’t feel writing on computer. Unfortunately an entire novel cannot be written on just paper (it actually can, like everyone else did before the type writers and the computers eras) since it is too time consuming and harder to find stuff you need or changing the structure.

I do have a lot of notebooks on which I write my stories. And for novels, I start a new one with every idea. They are not all completely filled in, some have just a few pages and I didn’t wrote anything else. Now when opening the Light notebook, I realize I can accustom maybe other 3 ideas in the same notebook, and still I start a new one every time. Why? Because that is me. And in the same time I have so many folders on my computer with the same ideas.

So is writing on a piece of paper better than writing on a computer?

Pro: I don’t have as much distractions around when I use a piece of paper. Without the internet, I seem to do more work.

Con: It takes more time to write on paper than using the computer

Pro: Since it takes more time to write, it seems that the idea have time to adjust in my mind before being put down and I feel I write better sentences.

Con: It’s hard to reorganize chapters and search for a needed scene on a paper. OR maybe I’m not organized well in this matter.

Pro: Easier to look at hand written notes when I work on later phases of the novel while I write on the computer.

Con: You can easily have access to it anytime and can provide copies to anyone without waiting for them to return them back.

Each option has it’s pros and cons, more than I’ve put down in this post. Those are the most important ones for me, and as you know, depending on what I’m working on I will rely either on the pen and paper or on the computer.

What do you prefer for your writing?

Do I write an already published book?

As you might know from previous posts, it’s been a while since I started Light. Time passed, I read more books or saw new movies that I didn’t know at that time. Now, re-reading it, there are bits and bobs that sound familiar, that I might already have seen or read somewhere. I was proud of my ideas when I first came up with them, but now I feel a little bit down. And it’s a feeling I had experienced before.

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Writing music playlist

I’m one of those people who like silence. I do concentrate better when there are no sounds around me, no one is talking or there are no background noises. I got a little frustrated the other day when I was re-reading Light and there was a constant buzzing coming from the router and construction noises from outside. And thought maybe we should talk about music.

Reading and music

I can’t. Whenever I’m reading something, I don’t want any other sounds except the voice in my head. I’m closing all the doors, shutting down the TV and everyone around me. I’m easily getting distracted on other sounds and I can’t concentrate on what I’m reading. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I can’t read everywhere and prefer to do it at home in my bed.

Writing and music

I’ve tried it, yes. And even if I’m not a big fan of it and still prefer the silence, there are moments when I get more focused on the story than on anything else and the music helps me hide all other annoying sounds. But not everything works.

While at work I don’t mind listening to any kind of music while working, when it comes to writing I like instrumental music only. I tend to start singing whenever there is a song I really like or my train of though gets interrupting by the singer voice and I end up writing the lyrics into my story – it happened before. I know, I’m broken.

Light song

I was writing Light for the first time when I’ve discovered this song. It automatically played and I stopped to listed to the lyrics. Distracted by the song, I got to listen to it for a few times before going back to work. Why? Because I found it so fitting with the scene I was writing at the moment and felt it was part of the story. Thus whenever I hear this song, I immediately think of Light and it introduces me to my world. To this day, I continue to listen to it as an inspiration for the story.

What about you? Do you like listening to music while you write? Did you find songs that seem to be made for your story?


I’ve started to think serious about writing in 2011, when I first opened a blog and tried to get my work into the world. I wanted to write more, I wanted to try everything that was out there. Including NaNoWriMo. I’ve made an account and decided to participate. To be one of those people who managed to write a novel in a month. Something I’ve never done before, something I’ve failed.

I’ve tried my approach on NaNoWriMo several times after, not always on the official site. You see, I’ve understand that it doesn’t work for me as expected and instead of motivation, I usually gain frustration out of the experience. This year for the first time I’ve tired the Camp NaNoWriMo and was amazed by how good it worked for me.

Unrealistic goals

As someone who doesn’t write everyday, I found that I have a love and hate relation with a month of writing. There were days when I felt motivated, when I wanted to do everything that so many others seemed to be able to accomplish, I wanted to write those 1,667 words every day. But I skipped days. There were work travels, there were birthdays or other events that I needed to attend and whenever I’ve missed a day, I was unable to go back on track. November is a complicated month. And while I should be content with what I managed to achieve, I feel that I’m setting a goal that is not doable for me.

Focus on words

And the main reason why it’s not doable is the word count. I find myself stopping in the middle of the writing session to see the word count. I tend to add more and more words that bring nothing to the story so that I have a feeling of increasing the word counts. And while at the beginning stage of a novel it is good to get the ideas out, to start the story and not think too much of how good it is, I felt more comfortable writing without any goal in mind. Or not one that was focusing on word numbers.

Focus on time

One of the reason I did enjoy Camp NaNoWriMo is that it allowed me to set my goal in hours instead of words. And since I’m not in the incipient stage with none of my writing project, it really helped. I’ve tried to focus on spending one hour every day working for my project, and ignored how much I’ve written by the end of the days. There were times when I just browsed the internet to find out more about what I want to write, there were moments when I would re-write something and in the end get to a minus word count. What was important is that I’ve worked for one hour or more every day on my novel.

My own NaNoWriMo

While everyone out there is prepping for NaNoWriMo, in the last years I created my own NaNoWriMo. I want to work next to everyone else, get influenced in a good way by their energy and in the same time I want to focus on my personal goals.

This year my focus in on Light. I want to Edit this story and be able to finalize it in the future. And since I let it sit on the shelf (to be read storage) for a long time, now I’m getting it out. Thus my NaNoWriMo this year consists of the following goals:

  • Re-read Light. That means read it from the first chapter to the last and annotate what needs to be reworked. Rephrasing, plot holes, removing parts that make no sense, pay attention to grammar and auto-corrected words. Everything.

  • Make a story board for the story that should help me pay more attention to details. You know, something I should have made in the beginning.

  • Plan all the details for the next editing step.

So yes, this is what I want to achieve this month. I cannot translate this into word counts and I don’t want to start another story at this point in my life. Don’t know if you are interested in finding more about how it goes, but since this is my blog and I’m the one writing, I will keep you updated.

What about you? Do you NaNoWriMo? To be honest I enjoy stalking everyone that is brave enough to join the project and can’t wait for all the posts and video related to it. If you attempt the 50,000 worlds, I wish you good luck and keep in touch.

[Short Story] Escape

“I just wanna get out of here!” he yelled.

“You can’t!” she yelled back and slammed the door behind her.

He was furious. He smashed the piggy bank on the floor, coins running all around the room. Why did he saved them anyway? He could not go out and buy things, and it was all her fault. He hated her.

He went to the window and looked outside. Cars honking, people walking by, the sun up in the sky. It was all so alive and he was trapped in this tomb for his entire life. And what life was that? 

A hamster living in a bubble. No school, no friends, no human interactions except for his parents and doctors, all the time new, curious to see the boy who could not live. Who could not breath the fresh air, who got sick with only having another human being in his vicinity. As he grew older the room became smaller and smaller and all he wanted was for a way out.

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Making time for writing

One of the things I’m struggling with is finding time to write. Well, I have to admit that I’m also procrastinating sometime, like I’ve already told you before. But sometimes I just can’t seem to make it work. There are things to do around the house, there is work, there are friends and family that I need to spend time with. I’ve started this blog and I also have a book review one and it seems that I try to do so much and end up achieving not a lot. I try to find time to finalize Light and I know I need to compromise some of the things I’m doing in order to be able to put THE END words on the story.

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